Wild Jersey -A Different Way Forward

Hi everyone,

I know that I have not posted anything for a while in relation to Wild Jersey in relation to news and activities, hence this post.

The main reason is that for the past few months I have been recovering from torn knee ligaments, which are now healed. Also, due to unforeseen circumstances I am now unable to base myself at Hamptonne Country Life Museum for the majority of my sessions, which has led to a lot of head scratching time and thinking about what to do next.

Firstly, I am now aligned with a tailored and specific Forest School insurance company, which means now that  I am now able to move with my sessions, which proves greater flexibility. I have also been in contact with a number of parties about venues and locations for which we are still chatting away.

What I/we have realised over the past few months that Wild Jersey is now not just about wildlife and education but has evolved to encompass wildlife, well-being, mental health, physical health and the embracing of wild play, which a strong Forest School ethos. We are not really about facts, figures and learning but more on freedom, independence, creativity and nurturing each child and family unit that we see. We follow the science on wild play and nature play and try to stay clear of what is currently offered.

With all of this mind comes a different identity and a different name. The next step would be to call ourselves ‘The Wild Play Foundation’ and to possibly set this up as a charity.

At the moment it is up for discussion, so what are your thoughts? I would be happy to know.



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