So, this is the page about me, Stephen Le Quesne, and this ridiculously ambitious, crazy and potentially life changing project.

Firstly, lets get the standard information out of the way. I am 30 years of age, from the small Channel Island of Jersey (famous for its zoo!), and I have a Masters Degree in Conservation Biology. My true passion through is wildlife and you are more than likely going to see me outside, whatever the weather.

Me and Meerkat (1728x2304)

But, how would I describe myself? That is a difficult one really because at the age of 30 I have yet to really nail down an ‘identit’y, but I consider this a great attribute. My background is full of numerous experiences, as in various times in my career I have been a scientist, conservationist, filmmaker, photographer, educator, communicator and a falconry trainee.

When I look deep inside of myself I am a naturalist through and through, a person who is here to observe, experience and learn everything I can about the natural world and I love to communicate about it, whether through TV, radio, film, photography, or just speaking in front of large crowds of people.

This desire to communicate is what this project has been born out of. From my passion to tell stories, to engage with people, to learn more about the natural world and to try and become someone that people can relate to when it comes to wildlife and its preservation. After 3 years as working as the Wildlife Education Officer for the National Trust, here in Jersey, I have learned that my true passion is as a ‘face’ of conservation, whether that be as a TV presenter, filmmaker or naturalist, I was born to engage with people and to transfer my passion to others.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Stephen – March 2014


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