A Few Thoughts from Birdfair 2017

A few thoughts from Birdfair 2017:

  • The Birdfair volunteers are a fantastic bunch, full of warmth and enthusiasm.
  • Brett Westwood is one of the best naturalists and guys I know and one of the most enjoyable to work with on BBC Springwatch. He needs to be on TV and radio much more.
  • Birdfair needs to do a lot more for children and families. At the moment they are not catered for at all. It is a good insight into how important they are seen by the wildlife sector, in other words they are not.
  • I really like the CEO of the Wildlife Trusts Stephanie Hilborne OBE. She spoke really well and came across as being balanced and incredibly knowledgeable on a wide range of issues.
  • The Wildlife Trusts seems to be the only NGO who are putting a real importance on well-being and mental health and its connection with wildlife. Everyone needs to follow their lead.
  • As a whole the environmental sector is still seen as irrelevant to society. We are seen as a nice to have, but not important, nor essential for our politics and the make up of Birdfair reflected this.
  • Also, as a sector we love to give ourselves a pat on the back and a well done. Please don’t, we are losing.
  • I can still be incredibly insecure when it comes to my place in conservation and how other professionals see me. I just don’t feel good enough.
  • We need a greater diversity of stall and exhibitors at Birdfair. Too much is the same as it was the year before. Cheaper prices for exhibitors?
  • I am definitely disillusioned with wildlife conservation. All I want to do is help wildlife yet too many seem to put their own passion and importance before the interests of the natural world.
  • I have realised that I am perhaps a different type of Naturalist. I am not too good with data and stats but put me in a habitat and almost instantly I could tell you a whole multitude of things to do with how the ecosystem works, how it feels, what lives there and the health of the place. I am a feeling Naturalist not a numbers one.

Also, on a final note, this website is getting a make over! Stay tuned.



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  1. Hey Stephen, enjoyed reading this and love the sound of a ‘feeling naturalist’

    I see you as a brilliant conservationist and one i look to as someone who inspires people in ways other conservationists can’t reach. You you question everything – which i love – that’s got to be good in this fast changing world.
    Thanks mate keep doing what you are doing!

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